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Our Goal: Commitment and Excellent towards a Cure

We are

Founded in 2019 Puerto Rico Medical Research Center is a medical scientific research site.

Our founders are oncologists that want to be part of the scientific gobal team in the fight against cancer. Because this is a big fight, they partner with the best doctors in Puerto Rico. Every day, this team goes the extra mile trying to find what can improve life expectancy and most of all A CURE.

Puerto Rico Medical Research Center has access to the best treatments that science has to offered. We have partnerships with the most prestigious pharmaceutical companies in the world. This alliance has allowed us to bring to Puerto Rico unique treatments, only available in the most advance cancer centers in the world.
We want to bring to Puerto Rico all the option of advance medical cancer treatments there are. Every cancer patient in the island should have the opportunity to evaluate new studies.

Our Team

We have created a network of doctors with trainings and degrees from the most prestigious universities in the world. All working together with the help of new drugs, better understanding of the human body, and the latest discoveries in medical health.

Founders & Directors

Medical Staff